Freak Show

Artikel 1 van 4 Volgende
€ 69,95 (inclusief btw)

Tekst: Bruce Jones   
Tekeningen: Bernie Wrightson 
Uitgegeven in 1997

LET OP - Deze uitgave is in het Engels: This is the story of Valker and Lila who traveled in the early years of the twentieth century with a show wagon permorming with their misschapen freaks of nature in the freak show Valkers’s Wretches. But when Lila gives birth to a misformed daughter, Valker looses his mind and blames the freaks which ends in a horrible catastophee.

The books containes besides the complete Freak show story, illustrations by Bernie Wrightson made for the Stephen King novel The Stand. 12 icones pieces of artwork accompanied by the original text by Stephen King.

• 84 pagina's
• luxe papier
• zwart / wit
• in kunstleer gebonden

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